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Indexing Books, 2nd Edition

You can order the 2nd edition of my book through Amazon by clicking here. The 2nd edition was published by The University of Chicago Press in late 2005. Throughout the new edition there are many references to online resources. Over time the URLs are bound to change. I will maintain a list of changed URLs in the Book Links section of this website. If you find a URL that does not work, please contact me at:

Indexing students, working indexers, and editors are invited to discuss the 2nd edition or ask questions via email. Please contact me at:

Retirement Information

I will be retiring from indexing as of July 1, 2014. This website will be decommissioned. Between now and July 1st I am not taking on any new clients. After my retirement email addressed to will not work. I maintain a personal blog at: Nancy Mulvany ... passim

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